The advertising agency INGO, contacted me for this assignment.
They needed a eerie of icons/symbols for one of their client : the swedish oil company OKQ8.
The icons were supposed to be displayed at each station in the service areas.

It was fun sot start trying to play with the OKQ8 logo and try to come up with something based on the same shape of the logo. The possibility were unlimited.
After some sketches we decided to change way, maybe it was gonna get to difficult for the customers to visually read each symbol without mistaking it for the company logo.
So We decided to go for  the same mirrored image made by half car and a symbol for each of the services:

- automatic brush wash
- quick wash
- hand wash
- car check up
- automatic wash
- mechanic

The final render is with a OKQ8 blue with each icon shaped as glossy buttons.

Client: OKQ8
Year: 2011
Illustrator: Giorgio Cantù

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